Crankshaft Rebuild Service (This is a New Zealand service only) 

Motoxparts makes it easy to rebuild your crankshaft - If you would like a conrod fit/balanced to a crankshaft Motoxparts can help and all for a very low cost - 99% of crankshafts can be rebuilt back to new spec, if unsure you can send photos to this way we can let you know. (Conrod kit must be purchased from Motoxparts for this service)

You can also purchase all the other parts required to rebuild the engine at the same time and Motoxparts can send these back with the rebuilt crankshaft all in one package for a low shipping cost of $5 or $8 if rural (so make the most of this and purchase any other items you need as well)

How to get the Crankshaft to Motoxparts for the rebuild

How to go about this process is to choose a conrod kit you want to purchase and then purchase the “Crankshaft Rebuild Service” at the same time (both are found in the "Engine Department" section). And you will, of course, have to send your crankshaft to Motoxparts…. Please send by courier only. Please make sure the crankshaft is packed very well to avoid any damage in transit. The crankshaft clutch & flywheel threads can be damaged easily if knocked. If your crankshaft is beyond repair (which is very rare) we will call to let you know and discuss where to from there.

Must Read - If other parts from Motoxparts are required or needed before removing the crank from the engine, please order these on a separate order before ordering the Conrod and Rebuild Service. - The reason - Motoxparts will hold an order if a rebuild service is on an order until the crank has been sent into Motoxparts, then the complete order will be sent out once the crank has been rebuilt. The customer has only paid one lot of shipping, this is for the parts ordered and rebuilt crank to be sent back as one lot.

You can email to let us know your crank is on the way or any other notes you think we may require

This service normally takes 5-7 (MXP working days) from when the crankshaft arrives at Motoxparts (excluding weekends and holidays) If overloaded it can take a day or so longer. This time frame does not include the return delivery time.

If local (Hamilton) cranks can be dropped to us.

Address to send crankshaft to:

Motoxparts Distribution Centre

Motoxparts LTD

700 Arthur Porter Drive



New Zealand