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Motoxparts prides itself and getting order fulfilment 100% correct - being able to supply all parts Motoxparts have on the website fast - Keeping your mx jobs moving along fast to get you riding again fast.
Motoxparts Distribution Centre supplies direct to the public and to trade (bike shops) all this is done by Motox parts website. All products on this website are kept at Motoxparts Distribution Centre over 50,0000 products in stock under one roof - Motoxparts is not like other website mx stores that order product in (do not hold stock) and then ship to you - this type of system is not great as the customer often gets a call saying parts cannot be supplied (meaning you miss ride time) - NOT at Motoxparts - you order it and you get it fast - Order online now and get it on your doorstep fast.

At Motoxparts we are committed to bringing you mx gear and the highest quality mx parts at unbeatable prices. You can have peace of mind about our products, knowing their quality and reliability has been thoroughly tested all over the world. We will keep you riding longer and - even better - you'll be paying less for parts.

Why do we care so much about getting you the best products at such brilliant prices?

Motoxparts is founded on a passion for dirt bikes and years of experience in building and machining high-performance engines & parts for dirt bike, sprint cars, jet boats and drag/track racing engines. We have some of the highest qualifications possible in the automotive industry - an advanced engineering degree, an honours degree in engine design and technology. Hands-on years experience as an auto machinist that included performing new engine assessment & repair work on new engines for New Zealand Dealers for Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha, Mazda, Ford, Holden, Audi and BMW.

And, at the end of all that hard work came the realisation 'wouldn't it be great to pass on some of this knowledge directly to the consumer.

So at Motoxparts that's what we do. You want to know about a part, we'll tell you. Want some advice on how work should be done? We tell you. Want to know what questions to ask your bike shop before they pull your bike apart? Definitely ask us!

Six great reasons to buy a Motoxparts product:

We know our stuff!
We use and test what we sell
We like questions - whether complicated or simple
We offer a 100% money back guarantee, we will stand by what we sell
We actually stock our parts - we send them to you the next day
....And of course our prices.

How are we able to provide such great products at such competitive prices?
Because we have the knowledge and expertise to source the right manufacturers and suppliers, the ones we believe reach the standards you deserve - ie the best! Then we're able to secure their products because they know they will be in good hands: That they'll be sold by people who actually care about what they sell, have the knowledge to sell them properly and give you, the consumers, the information you need.

Motoxparts Objective - Grow the off road riding community - Supplying high quality parts at low prices

Motoxparts guarantees and prides itself on the quality of its items.

Are you sick of paying high prices for genuine or overpriced aftermarket prices? Now there's no need - Motoxparts is here to help with low prices to help you, the rider. Our aim is to help grow the sport, by keeping our prices down and supplying high quality items at reasonable prices. It helps riders afford to keep riding and ride more often. This is a very simple objective that helps both our business and the off road riding community

Join thousands of very happy customers in NZ, Australia and worldwide, that buy from the company that supports you.

Where can I buy Motoxparts range of products they supply?

You can buy from a Motoxparts certified dealer or from Motoxparts website.

How do I become a Motoxparts dealer?

Email Motoxparts your details and we will send an application form out. You must be a motorbike shop and a NZ registered company. We do not supply to non Motoxparts dealers at a discount price.

Motoxparts is the New Zealand exclusive distributor of most brands below and a New Zealand Supplier of other brands.

Delta Braking - Rollex - Revo Contol Seat Covers - JE Piston - Crankworx - PRO-SEAL - BO Motor-Oil - BO Air - Meteor Piston - Duramax - SpeedLine Brake Parts - Moto Air Filters - SFK - Tugga Lift - Faction MX - MX Pro - Race Ready Crankshafts/Conrods - CZ Chains - Fit Race Parts - Wossner - DR.D Exhaust Systems - Prox - Guard Products - All Balls - Hot Rods - Moto-Flow - Guard Products - Geared Technologies - RK - Revo Seat Covers - FLU Design Graphics and more

Our products are sourced from USA, Italy, UK, Europe, USA, Taiwan - wherever they are making the most innovative, high-quality, thoroughly-tested piston, brake pad, air filter or chain, we are banging on their door. Many of these manufacturers also make the other brand products you are paying so much more for!

Please check out the individual product listings on this website for more information.

So ask yourself, why have you been paying more for the same or similar products? Simply because other sellers have bigger mark-ups, usually bigger overheads and are a lot further down the supply chain. Motoxparts deals directly with its suppliers and manufacturers - then supplies to their customers and dealers without huge mark-ups - so everyone saves.

It made sense to us.