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Tie Wire & Holder 30 Meters - Jumbo Pack

Part No: M9529612A
10.04 8.03 USD

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Motorbike Grip Tie Wire the 30 Meter Jumbo Pack – Why Do You Need It? When your mx grips are spinning on the handlebars and throttle tube in really tough off road riding conditions you’ll know why!

Grip Tie Wire increases your motorbike grips ability to  “stay" on mx handlebars. If you intend on riding

Once you have installed mx motorbike grips to the handlebar and the glue is "fairly dry" it's a good idea to safety wire them as this makes the "stay" even stronger. It also makes it harder for water to find a way underneath your mx grips. Water can cause the glue bond to break, resulting in slippage.

The wire comes in an easy dispense case, just pull the amount out you need and cut it off.  If you intend on riding for a few years than the Jumbo Pack maybe for you, as you will never run out of tie wire with this 30 meter pack.

  • 30 meter length
  • Stainless steel wire - Will not rust or corrode
  • .6mm diameter