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Handguards TrailX Replacement Parts

Part No: M80981A
6.68 USD

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Motorbike Handguards TrailX Replacement Parts.

Handguard Clamp Mounts (clamp for handlebar)
Part number M80981A - Fits 22mm handlebars.
Part number M80981B - Fits 28.60mm Fat Bar handlebars.
Sold as a set/pair
Replacement inner clamp mount for MX Pro TrailX motorbike handguards.
Mounts handguards to handlebars.
Two-piece inner mount design allows easy installation without removing grips or controls or handguards.
Handguard End Mount Insert  (Fits in the end of the handlebars)- Part number M80981C (lower bolt type part pictured in image in main gallery).
Includes: inner allen head bolt, outer expander sleeve, tapered threaded end lock (as in image)
Sold individually (one side).