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Q&A About Oil - What Oil Should I Use? Oil Specifications. Things you may need to know about oil. Are you paying too much for some brands of motorbike oil? What oil should I be using?

Motoxparts highly recommend using a Full Synthetic Oil - There are oil companies out there trying to fool some people with high-tech sayings that a blend oil (semi-synthetic) offers the best protection to those high wear parts. This blended oil is nowhere as good as a true FULL synthetic oil - There are big brands selling blend oil (semi-synthetic) at a very high price for what it really is (old technology), if you look closely you will see these companies true FULL synthetic oil is normally over twice the price as the blended oil. Why do they sell a blend oil (semi-synthetic) - Price Point - cheaper to meet the need in the market, some people want to pay less but think they are getting top of the line product but they are not. Also, the days are gone of using a standard mineral oil in a modern 4 stroke dirt bike engine, this can course high wear to high load engine components. To view videos scroll down and click on the box below with oil drop image.

Check your oil to sell what you are really buying - A real Full Synthetic is the best protection.

All BO Motor Engine Oil is a Full Synthetic

Q: What oil should I be using in my engine & clutch?

A: Any brand as long as it meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications.

All of BO Motor Oil 4-Stroke oil can be used in a 4-Stroke engine/gearbox and clutch, this oil can also be used in a 2-Stroke gearbox/clutch (just check specs and select one of BO's oil that meets this)

Q: Are you paying too much for some oil brands that offer no more and meet the same specifications?

A: Most people are.

Q: Why are you also paying a lot more for some oil brands?

A: You are paying more for some brands because of their high overheads which include advertising costs, sponsorship costs - all to persuade you that their oil is better. Riders/teams are paid a large amount of cash to use certain brand products then next year the same rider gets another sponsor and now guess what? The new product is great! What happened to the old brand?! And so it goes on .... all to make the end user pay more!

Q: Can oil companies or bike manufacturers state the oil they are supplying is better than another’s brand and that it must be used in a particular engine?

A: Next time you hear that line, simply ask "What evidence do you have?" I've never seen any. If you do get some, please let me know! I don't believe that there is any, as oil brands/companies make oil to meet specifications, not for a certain engine or brand, and if another brand’s oils specifications are rated the same by the API (American Petroleum Institute) and JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization) then both those oils will do exactly the same job. So one oil company will never say their oil is better than another brand because they cannot prove it. Some people may say one brand is better than another when they meet the same API/JASO specifications but quite frankly they do not know what they are talking about and do not know how oil is tested.

Q: Why are there so many myths about?

A: Myths are normally created by people trying to sell you a product and to justify why it cost so much.

Q: Pro racers use it so it is the best? Or are we just sheep?

Well if someone else is paying and giving it to you for free wouldn’t you use it? It really doesn’t mean much as most pro mx or sx teams will dump oil after every race and the engines are completely rebuilt after a few races. So I’m not sure what is being proven here with oil used in pro racer engines. It doesn’t last? The engine was so stuffed after a few races it had to be rebuilt? What is it saying? What I think it is saying is that big names use it so you should too!

Q: Why would you be so concerned what brand oil you should use in your bike engine? Do worry to the same degree about the oil in the car you drive on the road? Do you say to the person doing the oil change they must use the most expensive overpriced oil available? Remember your car engine has more moving parts and relies on oil for more protection and longer-life than an off-road bike’s engine.

You most likely to use a very expensive overpriced brand oil in your bike’s engine because you have been brainwashed into thinking one brand is better than another, because of the advertising, high price or sales pitch when it is no better than other brands which are not so highly priced and just as good, as long as you check the specs.

Will using a different brand oil with the same specifications damage or blow my engine up?

As long as the brand you are using meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications it will not damage the engine. It is illegal to state otherwise. We have heard this can be used to get out of warranty claims which are very dishonest. If someone is saying this get them to put it in writing. Then go see your lawyer.

What oil can I use when my engine during the warranty period?

Any brand as long as it meets the manufacturer’s specifications. If you are told differently you are being misled.

Why are some oil brands way overpriced from a shop/retailer and Motoxparts oil is such a great price - is it because it is better NO

Motoxparts is the exclusive New Zealand importer of Europe’s BO Motor Oil (Holland) and sells direct to the public, so when you purchase from Motoxparts, you are cutting out the entire middleman/retail price markup.

If the same oil Motoxparts sells was sold to a retailer/shop you would then pay over double the price – ouch! - so you save when buying from Motoxparts.

Overpriced meaning, the more hands a product passes through the more it cost you! - The manufacturer sells to an importer, then this importer puts there market up on the product around 100% and then the retail shop that sells to you then puts there markup on top around 100% - Dam, now the price to you the poor customer is a lot more than the product cost. So let’s say Motul Oil makes a 4-litre for $30 then sells to an importer, then this importer puts a $30 markup on the same oil - Then the retailer/shop that sells to you puts a $30 markup on the same oil. So the $30 oil pack now passed over the shops counter cost $120 to you DAM! This does not happen when buying from Motoxparts, Motoxparts cuts out the middle-man (retailer/shops) and sells directly to you, so you win every time you buy from Motoxparts.

Does the retail price of an item reflect how good it is?

That is what some people want you to think! So if Motoxparts doubles the price of its oil range it is suddenly better oil? Price is not what makes it better – it is the rating of the oil. All that counts is what is on the oil container label, the specification required & the rating as tested and rated by the API (American Petroleum Institute) and JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization). Not by a bike manufacturer or someone telling you the oil they are selling is the best.

Note: If the oil you are looking at buying has no API and JASO ratings on it, normally this will be a very low-grade oil. Be very careful with this one as you do not know if it is good enough for your engine - and it most likely will not be.

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