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You do not need an account with Motoxparts, if you are a new customer one will be created for you at the checkout.
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Motoxparts only ships to Australia and New Zealand addresses at this time.
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We do not invoice or have specific trade terms. Sales are placed online and paid for at point of sale


Motoxparts LTD is a New Zealand based company and complies with New Zealand consumer law. This means that shopping with Motoxparts LTD is safe. By visiting our website you accept and agree to the content of these Terms and Conditions and the Shipping and Returns conditions. Our Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.


We put a lot of time and effort into describing and photographing the products we sell using manufacturer's websites, catalogues, our own photography studio and often our own descriptions of the products.

Although we aim that every picture and description is 100% accurate, mistakes do occur, so let us know if you see or read something that isn't correct. If you've purchased something based on a picture or description on the website which turns out to be incorrect we'll happily replace or give a store credit.

RETURNS AND CREDITS (this does not apply if it states on a product page - non-returnable - this means Motoxparts will not take the part back for a credit or refund at all)

When returning a product/part it must arrive at Motoxparts in unused new condition, in its original undamaged packaging (note:pack well as couriers can damage parts), within 90 days (14 days trade customers). Please contact us as soon as possible at if you wish to return an item. Motoxparts will process a credit or exchange as soon as the item has been checked as per the Motoxparts return policy.

If goods returned meet the Motoxparts return policy, Motoxparts will place a credit for the cost of the goods (as per conditions below) on the customer’s account. This credit then can be used with the next purchase from Motoxparts. To activate this credit, the customer must log in into their account before placing the order.

End User/Purchaser has full responsibility for ensuring the correct part has been purchased prior to installation. Motoxparts recommends any new replacement part be compared to the old part, prior to installation to ensure it is the correct part. This is standard practice before any new part is installed. Check all parts before removing from packing. It is the user’s responsibility to inspect and verify the parts/product supplied, dimensions, specifications are correct for there intended use or fit.

Due to the nature of performance applications, parts are sold without an express warranty or any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Motoxparts or any supplier of Motoxparts products shall not be liable under any circumstances for any special incidental or consequential damages including, but not limited to, damage, loss of profits or revenue, costs of purchased goods or claims of customers of the purchaser which may arise and /or result from sale or installation of this part.

If a part/goods are purchased and are intended to be used on a different make-model-year (this is called a guess fit which never works) Motoxparts has the right to refuse the part/goods back for a credit. Installation of parts may adversely affect vehicle manufacturer's warranty coverage.

If part/parts are sent back to Motoxparts and do not meet all conditions a credit will not be given. The customer will have to pay for sorting out/inspection time/repacking/shipping of parts before being sent back to the customer, this may cost $30-$50.

If you have received an item and it was not the item you ordered: Please ensure that the correct part was ordered. This can be done by checking the part number on your invoice which is held in your online account at Motoxparts must be contacted within 10 days from when the order was dispatched from Motoxparts. Motoxparts will arrange the part to be returned to Motoxparts, once the part has been returned and found in new condition Motoxparts will send out send the correct part. All parts/part must be returned before the correct part is sent out.

As soon as Motoxparts receives the item back, the correct item will be dispatched at Motoxparts' expense A tracking number will be emailed (track/trace only applies to items sent by courier with NZ). As we use an overnight courier service within New Zealand the return & exchange can take just a couple of days, if the item is returned promptly. We apologise for the inconvenience but due to the non-return of items the correct product cannot be despatched until the incorrect item is received back.

Please read before sending back for a return, all parts/goods sent back must meet all conditions below

  • Returned items must be enclosed in their original packaging. This includes all boxes, plastic containers, plastic bags, and any other packaging.
  • Items sold in vacuum sealed packaging cannot be returned if they are opened. If non-resalable packaging is not intact, the item is no longer in "new condition".
  • Original packaging that has been torn open or damaged cannot be accepted. These items are no longer in new condition.
  • The original packaging also includes all tags, information booklets, instructions, stickers, etc.
  • Please pack your returns securely enough to prevent damage in transit. If we receive a damaged item, we have no way of knowing when or how the damage occurred and will not be able to accept it as a return. Take care and make sure engine parts are packed so they cannot be bent or damaged such as gaskets and have a good protective packing on both sides. If parts/goods cannot be packed well and protect in a shipping bag, we highly recommend packing/shipping in a box.
  • Include an original invoice or other necessary contact information.
  • Items such as pistons - if these have tried to be installed and have one mark on the coating/surface or any oil or grease on them these will not be given a store credit. If a piston has a clip in it or a clip has been installed or rings installed we will not give a credit.
  • If you require other goods urgently (to replace the incorrectly ordered goods being returned) before they have been returned and checked you will have to order the replacements online and pay for them. Or if you would like to wait for goods to be inspected to see if they meet the return conditions let Motoxparts know.
  • If the goods meet the return conditions the price of the goods only will be credited, not the shipping
  • A 20% restocking fee may apply to each returned item
  • Send via Courier and use a track n trace service to return goods

Our address for returns is:

Motoxparts Distribution Centre
700 Arthur Porter Drive
New Zealand

Very important - Do not send by post as we do not have a post box. Only send to Motoxparts by Courier


Make sure details are 100% correct and completely filled when placing an order as Motoxparts cannot change these details. It is up to the customer to make sure all details are 100% (this includes spelling).

Please check your address here

If all details are not 100% correct (this includes spelling) the order may get shipped to the incorrect address/person. If this happens due to details being incorrect (this includes spelling) Motoxparts will not be liable for this. It will be up to the customer to find their order and sort out the correct delivery details.

If the delivery address is a business address, the business name must be placed as the delivery address. If this is not done and the package does not get delivered, the customer will have to contact the courier and provide the business name. All details the couriers require are in your Motoxparts account. Motoxparts cannot help with this.


This applies to rural or non-standard courier delivery address. If you have made a delivery detail error with these you will just have to wait to see if you receive your order (2-8 days). If you do not receive it the order will most likely be lost due to incorrect delivery details. If this is the case, Motoxparts will not be liable for the missing order. Motoxparts cannot assist in recovering the order as there is no track/trace. You will have to contact NZ Post and try and sort it.

New Zealand Rural delivery or non-courier address - Motoxparts cannot be held liable for parcels sent by NZ Post that do not arrive (which is very rare) as there is no way to trace/track goods. On the odd occasion, delivery time for rural areas can be longer than standard delivery despatch times.

Goods are packed very well, but if damaged in transit by NZ Post Motoxparts will not be liable. If damanged or lost you will need to seek a refund from NZ Post directly.

AUSTRALIA POST ORDERS UNDER $150(non-track/tace)

Orders under $150 are not tracked or insured and delivery times may vary, we have had I a few cases goods have taken up to take 8 weeks to be delivered (this is normally around the end of the year or have been held at customs - these are out of Motoxparts control and you will have to take this up with post). If goods are lost or do not show up Motoxparts will not replace goods, you will have to take this up with Post and seek a refund from them.


Make sure item/items required are 100% correct before completing and paying for an order. Motoxparts does not change items or remove item/items from orders. If incorrect item/items have been ordered, this items/item can be returned to Motoxparts from the receiver for a credit. All return items must meet Motoxparts Return Policy. Motoxparts is not liable for the cost of the return shipping or any other problems that may have occurred due to the customer ordering the incorrect item/items


Close off time for dispatch of orders is 3.30pm (NZ time) Monday-Friday. This is as long as the order has been paid for in full and payment has been cleared by Motoxparts.

Note you may place an order at exactly 3.30pm (NZ Time) on your side but Motoxparts may not receive this and pay confirmed until 3.31pm so the order may be dispatched the following day

Orders paid for and the payment is cleared by Motoxparts on Fridays before 3.30pm will normally be dispatched that day. You should receive you order that following Monday. Motoxparts does not offer a Saturday delivery service.

Note: If Motoxparts is overload with orders your order may be dispatched the next Motoxparts working day. 95% of the time if an order is paid for and the payment has cleared by 3.30pm (MXP working days NZ time) the order will be dispatched that day.


No warranty of any kind expressed or implied is made respecting the safety of the products sold. Buyer assumes all risk and liability resulting from the use of said products.

Motoxparts only supplies parts/product for off-road use. Products supplied or sold by Motoxparts are only intended for off-road dirt bikes (motorbikes) and are only to be used on off-road motorbikes.

Some manufacturers may state some of their products may be used in conjunction with a road-going vehicle, however, Motoxparts states all product sold by Motoxparts are only to be used for off-road use. Therefore Motoxparts will not warranty any parts/products used on any road going vehicle/vehicles.


Ownership in the goods supplied remains with Motoxparts until the goods have been paid for in full. Motoxparts has the right to enter the premises of the customer at any time to remove unpaid goods.


Prices are quoted in NZ dollars inclusive of 15%GST and exclusive of shipping charges. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Motoxparts may at any time at its sole discretion change this Agreement, by posting on the website. By using this website after the change is posted you signify your acceptance and agreement.


If an order/parts are damaged or parts have been lost when damaged during transit/shipping Motoxparts will not be liable for this. The person’s name that is on the invoice/package will have to than make a claim against the shipping/delivery company for compensation.


Motoxparts warranty policy covers our products for 12 months from the purchase date.

Engine parts are only covered by warranty if each part installation is performed by a qualified automotive technician and the part must be proven to be a fault. Correct checking procedures and tools must be used when installing engine parts supplied by Motoxparts. If a claim is put forward, all receipts and records of work performed must be produced. Parts claimed to be the cause of a problem will be assessed by a professional independent assessor to investigate the cause of any problem.


Graphic decals kits/stickers are a non-returnable item. Be sure fitment is correct for your model/year before you order as these items are a non-returnable item.


For information on our privacy policy please read our privacy policy. click here


Please advise us promptly if you believe you have a faulty product. Proof of purchase is required
The product must be returned to Motoxparts for assessment. The product may be sent for independent assessment, at Motoxpart's expense, to determine if the part is faulty. If the part is found NOT to be faulty, Motoxparts may seek reimbursement from the customer for the costs of assessment (typical cost $100 -$300).

Motoxparts will wherever possible endeavour to repair any product found to be faulty. If a part cannot be repaired then it will be replaced if possible or a store credit is given.


If other parts from Motoxparts are required or needed before removing the crank from the engine, please order these on a separate order before ordering the Conrod and Rebuild Service. -

The reason: Motoxparts will hold an order if a rebuild service is on an order until the crank has been sent into Motoxparts, then the complete order will be sent out when the crank has been rebuilt. The customer has only paid one lot of shipping, this is for the parts ordered and rebuilt crank to be sent back in one lot. If a customer requires parts from Motoxparts before the crank can be sent, please work out what is needed first and place in that order. Once the crank is ready to be sent to Motoxparts, place another order for the conrod kit and crank service.