Reasons to Check the Spokes - As below

When you buy the motorcycle brand new, everything is still tight and nice. But after a while, after some abuse and usage, you will notice some sounds of clang and thud. Those parts and tensions will be loose, including the spokes. And how should the loose spokes affect the motorcycle?

motocross spokes
motocross spokes

You see, the wheels are circular and it needs good symmetry and balance. When the spokes are loose, they become wobbly and it will create dissymmetry and imbalances. When you become imbalance, it will affect your riding – it puts you into a great risk. Can you imagine the great risk you are having when you are riding fast and your spokes decide to give up? You need to remember that when you are on the road, you won’t only affect yourself but the other users of the street. So, make sure to know the proper method on how to tighten your motorcycle spokes.

The Routine and How to Do It

You want to make sure that you are safe before riding your bike so checking the spokes before using one would be a good idea. It is also good to check the spokes after you finish using the bike. Besides the knowledge about how to tighten your motorcycle spokes, it is also a good idea to create a regular routine of the checking.

So, how do you know that the spokes are loose? You need to do a physical check so you can actually feel the tension. The first thing that you can do is to hold the two spokes and then squeeze. They should flex, alright, but the more they flex, it means that they are loose. If you want to tighten them, make sure that you have the right tool, and you need to pick the right wrenches or spanners.

Another way is to put your motorcycle on the stand and start spinning the wheels. Tap the wrench lightly on each spoke as the wheel spins. When the spokes are properly tensioned or tight, they will make a nice ‘ting’ sound. When it is loose, it will make a dull sound of ‘thud’. The right wrench should do the work just correctly – it would be nice if you can have one that has the adjustable head. Focus on the nipple and tighten down. It shouldn’t be too much but a turn should be enough. You can check again by doing the tap again. That’s the simplest way on how to tighten your motorcycle spokes correctly.