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Below is for Australian customers only

How to pay with PayPal, Card Payments, Leaving a note with order etc..

Paying by card - Australian customers can pay online with a Master/Visa credit or debit card, by just going through the checkout as normal. At the end you will be taken to a 100% safe/secure payment gateway to enter your payment details. (You will be emailed an order confirmation). Paying buy card is the fastest way as the payment clears immediately and your goods get dispatched normally the same day the payment is made (working days).

If you would like to leave a note with you order - This can be done during th order checkout – Use the “Delivery Instructions” box beside the "Shipping Location" drop-down - Shown in image 3 below. You can enter notes about you address or anything else here.

Note - Don't forget to select the right option from the "Shipping Location" drop-down: "Send to Australian Address Only" - Shown in image 3 below

Motoxparts get items shipped super fast to your door : As soon as you have paid for your order it will be shipped that day (MXP working hours). Motoxparts is a real supplier and stock all items on our site in our warehouse. Most other stores have to get items in from a outside 3rd party supplier then ship to you, now that takes a lot more time. Not with Motoxparts, we have in stock and can send items from NZ to your door faster than you ordering from most places in Australia.

Australia Freight Air Prices: $10.00 flat shipping rate by air any weight or size, so you can buy as much as you and only pay $10.00

How to pay with

If you are an Australian customer and would like to pay by using PayPal please see instructions below (also help information for those wanting paying by card). We do not accept payment by bank transfer (due to the high fees) only payment by credit card ( Visa, Mastercard) or Paypal.

The two most important details at the checkout when wanting to pay by PayPal are:

1-Put a note in the “Delivery Instructions” box when going through checkout. Write "want to pay by PayPal" or similar - Shown in image 3 below (this will let us know you want to pay with PayPal)

2-For “Payment Type” select “Bank Transfer” from the drop-down - Shown in image 3 below (this will let you complete the checkout procedure without making a payment) We will see the Paypal note and organie the Paypal process.

Note - Motoxparts does not have a PayPal gateway in the checkout - why is this? We prefer to work with verified PayPal customers only, this offers the highest protection possible by PayPal for the customer & Motoxparts. Motoxparts emails the customer a PayPal payment notification, so the customer logs into their account and sends the payment from PayPal to Motoxparts.

Below - How to go through the checkout and what to do

First Add items to Cart & when you have got all the goodies you need push "Cart" button at the top of page this will take you to the checkout pages (view diagram below)

How to see your price in Australian dollars (AUD)

1st checkout page (as below) will show you what you have ordered.The main price/prices of parts/items will be shown in New Zealand dollars (NZD). Below the New Zealand dollar (NZD) price will be the price you will pay in Australian dollars (AUD).

Please take note of this price as it will be the only time in the checkout page the price will show in AUD. Please note $10 NZD freight will be added after this, once you get to the address/shipping page.

A very good reason for Australians to buy from Motoxparts is that the Australian dollar (AUD) is worth quite a bit more the New Zealand dollar (NZD).

The AUD price will be an approximate price as the exchange rate changes all the time, but it will be very close to what you will be paying in AUD once PayPal/credit card has converted our NZD to AUD in your account.

How to let Motoxparts know you would like to pay using PayPal and how to go about this. (view checkout diagram page below)

On the 2nd checkout page fill in all your details. When you get near the bottom of this page select Australia from the country drop-down, below this you will see a box that is called “Delivery Instructions” in this box write “would like to pay using PayPal” (or similar) you can also write any other instructions in this box.

When selecting from the *Payment Type* box drop-down select “Bank Transfer” from this drop-down. Selecting ““Bank Transfer” will allow you to go through the rest of the checkout without making a payment.

Please make sure the correct shipping location is selected from drop-down above payment type. (view checkout page diagram below)

Select the correct shipping location from the “Shipping Location” drop-box - “Send to Australian Address Only”. This will automatically add the $10 NZD shipping cost to the order (Air service, track/trace with insurance to Australia for only $10 any weight/size. Time 2-4 working days to your door (some customers have got it the next day!)

Final checkout page (view checkout page diagram below)

3rd checkout page – When you get to this page it will have automatically added the correct $10 shipping fee and will give you a total to pay. All prices will be shown in New Zealand dollar (NZD) only.

You can also view the delivery Instructions box at the bottom of this page, so please check you have put that you want to pay with/by PayPal.

Final page - Thank you page

Please disregard payment details on this page as we will be emailing you a PayPal payment request, which will be in NZD. PayPal will covert it to AUD as they process your payment, so when you receive you payment details from your credit card company, or check your Paypal account, it will show in AUD .

Motoxparts low air freight to Australia

Australia Freight Air Prices: $10.00 flat shipping rate by air any weight or size, so you can buy as much as you and only pay $10.00