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Dual-Drive Alloy/Steel Sprockets

MX Pro has created the ultimate motorbike rear sprocket, the Dual-Drive HexLock series. Dual-Drive sprockets are now not only available to European racers, riders worldwide finally can have one on their bikes too! You may think what is so special about a Dual-Drive sprocket apart from the stylish designer look?

It’s all about 1st longer life, 2nd without compromising weight, 3rd innovative design – it’s about how to get a sprocket that is light in weight to have a long-life. As full aluminium sprockets wear out teeth 300% faster than steel, but a full steel sprocket carries a bit of weight this has always been a dilemma when buying a new sprocket.

Problem solved! With a Dual-Drive sprocket you have the best of both sprockets in one! Light in weight AND a long-life. Made with a 7075 T6 aluminium centre for low weight, fitted with a high carbon steel teeth ring to give the sprockets teeth long-life. The result is the ultimate rear sprocket that weighs around 40% less than that of a steel sprocket, with 300% more teeth life than a full aluminium sprocket.

MX Pro continues its reputation for quality manufacturing from the finest materials. Made in Europe by material from the world’s leading metal manufacturer Aleris of Germany, supplier of the same material to Airbus, Boeing, Audi and the aerospace industry. While most other big brand sprocket suppliers have made the move to Asia to get product made cheaper (for them not for you) not at MX Pro, you won’t find any compromise on quality here.

The unique HexLock (12 locking edge) design, along with 12 small heavy duty flat headed locking rivets, assures the centre aluminium and outer steel matting surface is permanently locked together. The HexLock design is robust, providing no movement or flex between the matting surfaces, even under the hardest of drive train load from the highest powered machine. The HexLock design makes sure 100% of drive line torque and power is relayed to the rear wheel.

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