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Tugga Front

Part No: M9548913
16.76 11.38 USD

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If you don't have a Tugga Front motorbike lift strap you are at a real disadvantage! The Tugga lift strap provides a convenient grabbing & pulling point at the very front of your dirt bike. Most dirt bikes don't have a real place to grab apart from mudguard (which often break when pulled on) and other places can toast your fingers or your gloves all muddy.... and I really that!  With the Tugga Front installed now there’s an easy place to grab onto fast and pull as hard as you can without breaking a thing.

From hard-core enduro riders to trail riders, they all love having a Tugga! And let's face it: we all get into nasty situations occasionally - that's part of the fun!  And now getting out is a lot easier thanks to the Tugga range of Front & Rear motorbike lift straps.

Lift straps are used by at the toughest events such as Paris-Dakar, Last Dog Standing, King of the Motos, Last Man Standing, 24 Hours of Glen Helen, the ISDE, Romaniacs. Now why would you not have one? View video below to see how useful these types of lift straps are.

We also stock the Tugga Rear, way not fit both and have a front and rear grab point - having both will really make a riders life a lot easier

View videos below for how to fit & use

  • Fits all off road motorbikes
  • No removing any items from the bike to fit
  • No tools needed to fit
  • Fits in a few minutes – just loops around each fork
  • 3 year warranty