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T Handle Socket Set - Speedster 5 Piece Kit

Part No: M9523412
23.47 19.44 USD

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NAC Tools range of motorbike tools comes the Speedster 5 piece kit of T-Handles, these super strong T-Handles will make undoing and tightening bolts and nuts super-fast and easy. This tool features deep sockets with six hex sockets that makes it virtually impossible to strip a bolt/nut head when undoing tight bolts.

Whether working on your bike in the shed or out on a trail ride, this 5 piece set will make bike work fast & easy from checking handlebar bolts to full on engine work. Nuts or bolts will go where they belong, not on the ground to be lost forever.

Simple to use: Just hold the T-Handle mid section with one hand and spin the T-Handle T top with the other. Do up items in seconds that usually take ages with a standard spanner.

Make your life easy - These are a must have in every good off road riders the tool kit. - NAC Tools T-Handle built tough, they come with a life time warranty.

  • 5pc Mini T-handle Set W/deep Sockets
  • 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm
  • Heavy duty, chrome plated solid bar handles
  • Single hex 6 point sockets
  • Chrome vanadium
  • 180mm long
  • Storage pouch included