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Seal Surgeon - NAC Tools

Part No: M9513437
27.62 20.71 USD

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Works on 45mm-55mm Fork Tubes Only

Fork Seal Cleaner the Seal Surgeon from NAC Tools - Want to put an end to most motorbike fork seal leaks in minutes and keep those fork seals from leaking - without removing the forks from the bike? Wouldn’t that be amazing! Meet the Seal Surgeon. He was designed just for this purpose – and who said all Surgeons were expensive? The first time you use the Seal Surgeon it will more than pay for itself, saving you not only a load of cash, but time repairing fiddly fork seals.

Most fork seals leaks are caused by small dirt particles that have become trapped in between the upper & lower fork seal lips. This dirt holds the seal lip off the fork tube, allowing fork oil to leak out. Leaking fork seals need to be fixed quickly as they can greatly affect the handling of your bike and can also be dangerous if the oil soaks your front brake pads, affecting their ability to slow and stop your bike.

To use Seal Surgeon: View videos below how to use or Lower the dust seal and snap the Seal Surgeon on your fork tube. Then insert it into the leaky seal and twist. The design of the Seal Surgeon maintains the proper position and angle as you rotate around your fork tube. You don’t even need to remove most fork guards. It is important to note that it effortlessly pulls the dirt OUT of the fork rather than pushing it deeper into the fork. You can also run your dust seal through the lower tooth on the Seal Surgeon in order to clean up that seal up well. Now just clean the fork up and put the dust seal back in place.

  • Works on 45mm-55mm motorbike forks.
  • Supplied with holder protector cup.
  • Will not damage fork tubes or fork seals.
  • No other tools needed.
  • Very easy to use
  • Made from very durable plastic.