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Seal Guards

Part No: M1112523
13.79 6.88 USD


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Fits 44mm-54mm Forks - Most 125cc-600cc - Measured at the sliding/chrome area of the forks.

Fork Seal Guards - Leaking fork seals can dramatically change the handling characteristics of a motorbike which can be dangerous and  cost hundreds of dollars to fix. Now you can prevent fork seals from leaking and do it at a very low cost.

The design of genuine dust seals does not offer real protection to the fork oil seal. Often the very thin sealing area of the dust seal allows unwanted damaging dirt to get past.  Once the dirt gets past the dust seal,  real problems start - it will work its way into the main fork oil seal and fork oil will start to leak. They're called 'dust' seals for a reason - fine for dust but not so good against the really damaging stuff that goes straight into the fork seals causing oil to leak out of the forks. This is an expensive job to fix.

SealGuard is the ultimate 1st guard barrier to protect fork dust seals and fork seals from the harshest elements. SealGuards are a wraparound neoprene sleeve that encloses the dust/fork seals and upper fork legs, stopping dirt and debris before they get anywhere near the dust seals, let alone the fork seals - now that is real seal protection!

View videos below for more information

Guard Products spent months testing and developing SealGuards in the toughest off-road environments. Guard Products are so confident with SealGuards, they offer 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy just send them back for a full refund. SealGuards are the only seal protection product on the market with this guarantee.

Important: Only fits 44mm-54mm forks (most 125cc-850cc) - Size is measured at the sliding/chrome area of the forks.

  •  Fits all makes/models with 44mm-54mm forks
  • Upside down forks (USD) and non-usd forks older style
  • Sold as a pair (fits both forks)
  • Installing a set of SealGuards is easy, no special tools are needed.