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Multi Spray - BO Motor Oil

Part No: BO6126
10.34 6.88 USD

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Multi Spray from BO Motor Oil is perfect for all motorcycle, automotive, motorcycle, marine and industrial applications where a versatile, quick-acting, multi-purpose spray is required for high penetrating, fast moisture removal and rust preventive properties.

Apply Multi Spray to any surface that needing protection from the elements, such as motorbike chains after washing the bike, the bikes electrical plugs after wet rides to remove any moisture. It is great for feeing up the stuck swingarm bolts, stiff suspension bearings/bushes, nuts and bolts.

Please Note: We are unable to ship this item outside New Zealand

  • BO Multi Spray has thousands of uses: Motorbike, bike, car and around the house
  • BO Multi Spray will leave a transparent, non-staining. Ozone-safe
  • Spray around the steering head, linkage and swing-arm to prevent bearings/bushes from seizing up.
  • Very good cleaning properties - Great for cleaning marks from the bikes plastics
  • Use on the drive chain to stop corrosion/rust.
  • Spray on electrical connections after washing or if the bike has been dropped in water- it will remove the moisture/water.
  • Spray on your tools if they get wet to stop them from rusting.
  • This product is similar to WD40 spray.