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Handguard Shields RacerX - MX Pro

Part No: M8013814
26.16 19.44 USD

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MX Pro’s RacerX series handguard-shields have been designed for the racer or the rider who likes the racer style look. With their sleek no hand-bar design makes them ideal for the motocross or supercross racer or the trail rider that likes the more open style type of hand protection.   

Light weight but yet made tough to protect the hands from that hard roost, and in the event your ride hits the ground the sheilds are designed to flex. With air force cooling slots designed to keep those gloved hands cool when riding.

  • Made from injection molded plastic.
  • Supplied with a universal mounting kit fits 22mmm, 28.60mm & 31.80mm handlebars
  • Fits in a few minutes, no need to remove anything from the handlebars to fit.
  • Supplied with stainless steel hardware.
  • Brass thread inserts – will not pull the bolts out in the event of a hard fall.
  • Complete with all hardware.

Fits 22mmm, 28.60mm & 31mm handlebars