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Gas Gap No Slop Swivel Vent Hose - MX Pro

Part No: M25X11319
9.99 5.31 USD

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When a bikes gas gap is fitted with an MX Pro No Slop Swivel Hose an is dropped on its side, a specially designed one way fuel check valve in the vent immediately closes, sealing fuel inside the petrol tank, stopping dangerous, flammable petrol leaking out onto you, your motorbike's hot engine or very hot exhaust system.

So simple, small and inexpensive – but it keeps you safe and prevents loss of precious fuel needed to finish your ride.

  • Swivel valve design allows smooth easy removal of the gas cap without removing or twisting the gas cap hose
  • Fits all gas caps stock and aftermarket
  • One-way valve keeps the fuel in the tank while allowing air to pass.
  • Does not let fuel flow out from the gas/petrol tank
  • 350mm-360mm long