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Front Fork Oil Level Gauge

Part No: M9511131
19.32 USD

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Fork oil level syringe gauge from NAC Motorcycle Tools is the perfect tool for setting oil heights when rebuilding those motobike forks. This tool takes the guess work out of setting the correct fork oil level or volume.

The incorrect volume of oil in the forks will upset the motorbikes suspension balance front to rear or will make the it pull to the side if one fork leg has a different amount of oil in it. The outcome of this could lead to poor handling, making the rider loose confidence in the feel of their ride.

  • Can be with all makes of inverted (USD) and all conventional forks
  • Clear easy to read indication marks on measurement pipe.
  • Supplied with adjustable ring and oil pipe to measure oil levels from 0-300mm in 5mm increments.
  • Features top-up syringe with 60ml capacity.
  • Image is of the actual tool you will be buying
  • Can also be used on bicycles equipped with front suspension.