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Fork Air Bleeders Stainless Steel - MX Pro

Part No: M9523068
17.25 13.79 USD

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4ml to suit WP style Forks

5ml to suit all others

After hours of testing and crashing out, it was found hard riders needed a stronger designed fork bleeder than the usual aluminium materiel most are made from. Bleeders made from Stainless Steel was the answer - it's the ultimate choice of material, very high in strength which can handle more punishment, stainless steel will never corrode and is not affected by chemicals. Stainless steel materiel bleeders are the perfect choice for strength and longevity.

Why are they needed? Just 2 pounds of pressure can change the suspension balance front to rear. Often what is lost with pressure in the forks is that Plush feeling and the rider’s confidence that goes with it. This is an easy fix by installing a set of “Racer Pro” Speed Bleeders, now each time before you start your ride you can release the air out of the forks in seconds, keeping the suspension in peak working order.

Most off road motorbikes already have fork air screws, but unscrewing them is a real hassle, and if you lose them you are out of luck. “Race Pro” Speed Bleeders install quickly in the existing air screw holes easy and without modification.

  • Thread size 4 or 5mm (Please check your thread before ordering)
  • Sold as a pair