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Combo Deal - SureLock Keep Kit

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This Combo kit will keep your ride where it belongs – Kit includes a set of the SureLock Wide-Boy Tie Downs & Fork support (1st image in gallery)

Tie Downs - Why SureLock Wide-Boy Tie Downs? The problem with standard tie downs is their open-ended hook design. When a bike bounces in transit the suspension moves up and down, causing tie downs to lose tension which means ‘open’ hooks can all too easily become unattached. Very bad news follows - your expensive pride & joy falls off and hits the ground while you’re moving along at speed, causing thousands of $$$$ damage. Ouch!

The solution: MX Pro created its SureLock Wide-Boy series of Motorbike Tie Downs with double spring-loaded safety clips at each end of the hooks, making this area a 100% closed circuit. It means your expensive ride can’t come loose from these tie downs while in transit. Built with a super strong Wide 40mm strap (most are 25mm) for extra insurance that your ride will stay tied down. Other features are the handlebar saving Soft Ties; a material part of the tie down which loops around handlebars protecting them from getting scratched.

Fork Support - Ever see the guy that loads up his dirt bike in the back of his vehicle, making sure the front forks are pulled down really tight by tie downs? That's the same guy who will likely have leaking front fork seals the next time you see him.

Using a fork support prevents premature damage to fork springs and seals resulting from continuous and too much compression for long periods while forks are strapped down during transportation. It also stabilises the bike during transportation so tie downs won’t bounce off your bike.

Note: There is a small large Fork Support size below

Tie Down – Features
SureLock Wide-Boy Tie downs are sold as a pair
40mm wide -super strong strap (most are 25mm)
Lifetime Warranty
Colour: Black
Soft ties will not damage handlebars
4500 lb. test nylon
1500 lb. b/s
Heavy duty 3/8" "S" hook with vinyl coating with SureLocks safety system spring-loaded lock clips
6 ft long and 40mm wide
Fork Support - Sizes
Large – Fits most 100cc and larger cc motorbikes – check  specs for size of fork support.   270mm the largest measurement tis aken from between the top of the front tyre to under front mudguard.

Small - Fits most 100cc and smaller cc motorbikes – check specs for size of fork support. 200mm the largest measurement is taken between the top of the front tyre to under front mudguard.

If unsure of fitment check image gallery for image of fork supports with measurements, it is easy to work out just what one you need, just measure between the bikes front tire to the inside of the front mudguard. Some bikes may need to be lifted at the front to take the weight of the forks to get the correct measurement.

Note: It’s quite normal for there to be a gap when the fork support is first fitted between the fork support and front mudguard. When tie downs are compressed this gap is closed. Some motorbikes will require front suspension to be lifted slightly to fit fork support.