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Chain Spray 2 Pack - Wet and Dry Combo

25.35 18.00 USD

BO9508 + BO6122

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Now you can have two of best chain lubes at a great price - This 2 pack features two different types chain spray Wet and Dry. We know a lot of riders have a preference, some like to use a Wet lube in wet conditions some like a dry on dusty conditions or vice-versa - now you can try both at a great price to find your preference.

Both will provide maximum protection to the bikes chain-sprockets in all conditions.

  • 2 x Large 500ml - (large Cans)
  • Safe for use on standard, o-ring, x-ring  and all other styles and brands of chain
  • Operating temperatures up to 300 degrees
  • BO Motor-Oil from Europe - BO Motor Oil has been providing the highest quality lubricants for 25 years
  • Sorry, we are unable to ship this item outside New Zealand