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Chain Cleaning Brush Grit-OFF - NAC Tools

Part No: M9543114
11.32 9.32 USD

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Now cleaning your bikes chain will be easy and fast when you have the NAC Tools Grit-OFF Chain Cleaning Bristle Brush. We all know how long it takes to chain your bike after a ride and the chain can be the hardest to clean. Now you can cut that cleaning time down and clean that chain better with the Grit-off 3 sided bristle bush, this clever tool allows you to clean all 3 sides of the chain at once with ease.

The Grit-off bush bristles have been design to use on all brands & types of chain including x-ring & o-ring chains without damaging the sealing rings. Bush heads are adjustable; this is handy for different chain sizes.

The long-bristled end is great for scrubbing up rims, hubs and all those other hard to get to places  

 By regularly cleaning the chain you will prevent unnecessary wear to the chain and the sprockets, it will also keep the drive train running smooth. 

View video below

Tip - The Multi Spray from BO Motor Oil is good for using as a chain cleaning spray when using the Grit-off Brush. Multi Spray also has a thousand more uses.

  • The Grit-OFF Bristle Brush enables you to clean your bikes chain fast and with ease.
  • Can use on all brands & types of chain
  • Can be safely used on x-ring & o-ring sealed chains
  • Bush heads are adjustable; this is handy for different size chains
  • Long bristle end lets you clean other parts of your bike like sprockets and wheels.
  • Size: Length 260mm