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Cable Lube Tool

Part No: M9511621
5.98 USD

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Can use on all clutch cables

Motorbike cable lube tool from NAC Tools will keep all your bikes cables smooth & cleaning. Keeping motorbike clutch & brake cables lubed is one of the cheapest ways to keep motorbike clutch & brake levers smooth to operate and easy to pull. Cleaning and lubing your cables not only eliminates water and dirt but extends cable life.

Water and dirt seep into cables not just when riding but also at home when washing your dirt bike.  Today’s high pressure washers can force water into motorbike clutch and brake cables causing them to deteriorate.

See this tool in use view videos below

Tip - The Multi Spray from BO Motor Oil is great for using with the cable lube tool for lubing cables. Multi Spray also has a thousand more uses.

Using NAC Tools cable lube tool after cleaning your bike will keep clutch & brake cables lubricated and in top condition ready for the next ride.

Works on all KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, TM, Gas Gas, Husqvarna, Husaberg clutch and brake cables