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Brake - Clutch Bleeding Tool - NAC Tools

Part No: M9547289
9.67 7.59 USD

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The easiest and most effective way to bleed your brakes or clutch is to reverse bleed the system. Since air always rises, it is more effective to push the old fluid and trapped air from your calipers at the bottom to your master cylinder at the top. Fasten a short length of hose to a syringe and fill it with fresh brake fluid. Brake fluid can damage plastic and paint so wrap the brake reservoir and bleeder with a towel. Brake fluid is also toxic so wear gloves when you work with it. Hold the syringe upside down so any trapped air will flow upwards toward the plunger and away from the hose. Open the brake bleeder and push the fresh fluid into your caliper until you see it come out in the master cylinder.

If your brakes still feel spongy after bleeding you should check the key areas for problems. Air frequently gets trapped in and around the banjo bolts, so simply loosen the bolts to release air pockets and re-bleed as necessary. Make sure the banjo bolt washers are not leaking. Check for any leaks along your brake lines. Often the seals on your master cylinder piston will get worn out or damaged and need to be replaced. The same is true for the seals around the pistons in your caliper. Sometimes, simply pumping the lever a good number of times will restore the positive feel.