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A1 Chain Maintenance Combo Kit

52.67 33.37 USD

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All the best parts placed in one kit for looking after the drive chain all in one kit -  No more shall I buy this or take - grab this get it all at one tine and di it right. Using this kit will increase chain and sprocket life. 

This kit will make keeping the drive train in top condition and remove fitting the chain and keeping at the correct length a breeze - no more - hammer/screwdriver which will damage a chain and most importantly more getting mad or cut fingers.

This kit has it all - From removing the chain to taking a link out or shorting a new chain or changing gearing which the chain needs to be made to suite - Keeping the clean chain in top condition and well lubed to keep it in top condition

Kit includes (parts available separate) view videos below for use

*Sorry we cannot sell this kit to Australia - due to aerosol in kit & shipping restrictions

Chain Breaker
Works on 415-520 chain - 99% of dirt bike chains
Made for x-ring. o-ring, standred chain - will not damage any chain

Chain Link Plate Press - made for 520 chain 125cc-650cc
This tool is a must - if you have ever tried to fit a join link you will know why if not you don't want to find out without this tool

Chain Cleaning Bush (adjustable to chian size)
Sick of taking hours trying to get that chain and it never seems to get clean - will this baby will make that chain shine like new - which will extend the chain-sprocket life

BO Motor Oil Chain Spray 500ml
Works on all chain and sprockets
This is a large can not like those small cans from other brands.
This stuff sticks to your chain and will make sure smooth running and less drive train wear

*Sorry we cannot sell this kit to Australia - due to aerosol in kit & shipping restrictions